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About Bouterin

          Welcome to Bouterin and Bon Appйtit!

Provenзe is the inspiration for the cuisine we shall create here. It will be adapted to our present needs--full of color, flavor, and taste--but never too heavy. Low cholesterol will be the watchword. Provenзal cuisine is a subtle blend of fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, and fresh products--arriving at a perfect balance of ingredients.

We wish to recapture the ambiance of my childhood, as it was prepared "chez eux" (in their home). Even if a dish does not appear on the menu, we will try to accommodate your requests as far as possible. We are here to celebrate special occasions, birthdays, parties--private and public. The room will accommodate itself to you.

There will be daily specialties on the а la carte menu, which will make use of the freshest ingredients to be found at the daily markets.

As a welcome, our "bruschetta" will be "tapenade" (olive oil marinated, with herbs and mashed green olives). Most of the breads will be baked in-house, and served warm. Tapenade is Provenзal butter, but fresh, sweet butter will also be available for those who need its soft consolation.

There will be an appropriate choice of local wines ("vins de province") to match the local cuisine--served by the pitcher. But, of course, there will also be a selection of great wines and champagne for those who desire it.

The apйritif-maison will be "le pastis," served in four ways:

     Water and ice
     "Tomato" - (grenadine and pastis)
     "Perroquet" - (mint and pastis)
     "La Mauresque," or "orgeat" - (almond syrup and pastis)

Digestifs will be marc de provenзe and herb-infused liqueurs.

To facilitate digestion, there will be tisanes of all kinds: rosemary, thyme, and sage.

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