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Other medications have also been used in an effort to induce fertility, including clomophene and gonadotrophin. However, these two are well known for their ability to cause pregnancy, often in multiples. In Australia, an apparently infertile woman produced a pregnancy consisting of ten foetuses at once, reportedly after being treated with one of these drugs. This was in the time before the advent of bromocriptine.

The point of all this is to indicate that if amenorrhoea takes place, there is a suitable form of treatment available. See your doctor and have a talk to him. He will most probably refer you to a specialist obstetrician, gynaecologist or infertility clinic at a large hospital for assessment and treatment. It is not to be undertaken lightly, for these products are powerful and must be given only under adequate skilled medical supervision. It is in the realm of the specialist.

Women on the Pill often notice a marked reduction in their menstrual bleeds. It may reduce to half a day or even less. The blood may be dark or even black. It is pointed out that this is all within normal limits. The bleeding is not a true menstrual bleed, but is referred to as ' 'withdrawal bleeding,'' and is due to the sudden withdrawal of the hormones. So do not be alarmed if this happens to you. In some women, menstruation stops entirely.

Many women ask if it is possible to gain a few days free from bleeding altogether. Some wish to pre-plan the possibility of menstruation in relation to some important function (often their wedding day in girls newly put on the Pill).

But it may be some important social function, or whatever.

The answer is that if the Pill break comes when you do not want any bleeding, simply starting the next packet of pills without any break at all, will guarantee you no menstrual flow. In fact, bleeding will take place only about three days after the last pill has been taken. This is a handy little hint to keep in the back of your mind. It is harmless, and quite reliable.




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