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The condom, or sheath, is still used, although this too has been replaced with most by other forms. It consists of a rubber sheath that the male fits over the penis in the erect state prior to vaginal penetration. The spermatic ejaculate enters a small dilated nipple at the closed end of the device. It is often used in women who are on the Pill, but who prefer to be ' 'off it" for a month or two rest spell.

It appears to be more widely used among unmarried couples or with those whose sexual encounters are of the casual kind. At least the condom has one added function which is most important these promiscuous days. It gives both parties excellent protection against the risk of contracting or spreading venereal infections, and for that reason it is to be hoped its availability will continue. There is no hope of stamping out promiscuous living, and this, at least, is one way of reducing the national V.D. toll, which has been escalating at an appalling rate.

Doctors are well aware of the protective value of the simple condom. In fact, the advent of the Pill and its ready availability has often been blamed for the increase in V.D. Women, of all social strata, now tend to use the Pill, whereas in former times there was a greater reliance on the condom, which mechanically prevented or greatly reduced the V.D. transmission factor.

World-wide, the condom is said to be very widely used, particularly in the Orient.




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